Dogs in the workplace

This manual gives employers the guidance they seek to bring employee companion animals into the workplace. It includes best practices and recommendations, and an appendix with all the elements required to tailor a company policy for your business and workplace needs.

Calm and well-behaved dogs are welcome!

Younger dogs may need management tools.

WIN-WIN for Everyone!

  Dogs in the Workplace
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Dogs in the Workplace

Employers Guide and Template Checklist

Employers are facing increased numbers of requests to accommodate employee dogs in the workplace. Dogs in the Workplace is created for employers who find themselves unsure of what this entails and how they should proceed.

Dogs in the Workplace is a guide which provides insight into the nature of dogs, their needs, and factors that need to be considered for all those impacted. Employees need to be aware of changes that might be required and to have legitimate concerns addressed. The dog needs to be safe, secure, and happy in the workplace environment.

Employers need to create a common understanding, using discussion of workplace policy documents as a starting point. Items for inclusion in a policy are included with the guide.

Celebrate your support for staff!

Many people have grown used to working with their pets on their feet during zoom calls. As more people go back to the office, they would very much appreciate bringing their companions with them. "Dogs in the Workplace" is just what you need to do it well.

Hi! I'm Meghann

I have been involved in dog obedience for over 30 years. I adopted a problem dog and got hooked on training. My passion is Therapy Dogs: as a handler most of those 30 years, as programme founding coordinator, as temperament evaluator, and a former VP of the Human Animal Bond Association of Canada.

In recognition of my work with St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs I received a Vote of Thanks in 2000 from the St. John Ambulance Priory of Canada, and, was invited into the Order of St. John in 2003.

My training is dedicated to helping owners present a calm and well-behaved dog in public. I pay special attention to helping owners understand their dog's behaviour and to train acceptable alternatives.

I am a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Text Box: Meghann has been “in dogs” for nearly 30 years, forced into it by adopting a “problem dog” and then getting hooked on dog training.  Her passion is Therapy Dogs: a Therapy Dog handler for over 25 years in a local obedience club, as the founding coordinator & temperament evaluator for a NB provincial Therapy Dog programme, and, as a former VP of the Human Animal Bond Association of Canada.  Meghann has been involved in dog obedience classes for most of those 30 years, taking her first obedience instructor training in the US in 1994. More recent courses include Operant Conditioning Behaviour Analysis through Dalhousie University, and “Naughty But Nice Dogs”  (Professional Level) from Absolute Dogs (UK).   She is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers and the Canadian Kennel Club.